Lost it yesterday.

Yesterday I lost it. I ate junk: candy, cupcakes, cinnamon roll and hot dog. This was the worst case of losing it that I have had  in about a year. I am wondering why this occurred.

I have been traveling the past month. When I travel I let myself drink more diet colas than I usually do. I also eat less rigorously. But I think the diet drinks may be a major component of the problem. The research lately has shown that drinking artificial sweeteners changes the bacteria make-up of the intestine. It appears that these bacteria have the ability to secrete something that makes one want to overeat. It also makes you more insulin resistant and more likely to get diabetes.

I had been trying to limit the diet colas for a while. When I had lost a great deal of weight a few years ago, I had begun to drink huge amounts of diet colas. It does fill me up and meet a sweet tooth urge. But I have borderline kidney problems and I was worried it might be having an effect. So I had been curbing the intake. However, when I travel I have been letting myself have it as I am not fond of coffee or tea. It feels to me that I now have a great urge now to get more cola but also have less control of the urge to indulge with sweets also.

My resolve is to cut out the diet colas and to see if this with continuing the activity of this website will reestablish control.